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Flag of French Polynesia Google map of Overseas Collectivity of French Polynesia, country facts

Welcome to the Google Map of French Polynesia and the locations list of this country! Sightseeing in French Polynesia with Google Satellite Map always make sense! With our destination gazetteer, on Satellite City is great to explore French Polynesia through detailed satellite imagery - fast, free and easy as never before. Browse the list of administrative regions below of French Polynesia and follow the navigation to find the place you are interested in. Your satellite map sightseeing in French Polynesia starts here at Satellite City!

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Facts about French Polynesia

Administrative divisions: none (overseas lands of France); there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government , but there are five archipelagic divisions named Archipel des Marquises , Archipel des Tuamotu , Archipel des Tubuai , Iles du Vent , Iles Sous-le-Vent French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Area: total: 4 ,167 sq km (118 islands and atolls) land: 3 ,660 sq km water: 507 sq km French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Background: The French annexed various Polynesian island groups during the 19th century. In September 1995 , France stirred up widespread protests by resuming nuclear testing on the Mururoa atoll after a three-year moratorium. The tests were suspended in January 1996. In recent years , French Polynesia's autonomy has been considerably expanded. French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Flag description: two narrow red horizontal bands encase a wide white band; centered on the white band is a disk with a blue and white wave pattern on the lower half and a gold and white ray pattern on the upper half; a stylized red , blue , and white ship rides on the wave pattern; the French flag is used for official occasions French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Capital: name: Papeete geographic coordinates: 17 32 S , 149 34 W time difference: UTC-10 (5 hours behind Washington , DC during Standard Time)
Climate: tropical , but moderate French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Currency code: Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF)
Ethnic groups: Polynesian 78% , Chinese 12% , local French 6% , metropolitan French 4%
Geographic coordinates: 15 00 S , 140 00 W French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Geography note: includes five archipelagoes (four volcanic , one coral); Makatea in French Polynesia is one of the three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean - the others are Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati and Nauru French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Government type: NA
Imports partners: France 52.7% , Singapore 14.9% , NZ 6.8% , US 6.6% (2006)
Internet country code: .pf French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Land boundaries: 2 ,525 km French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Neighbouring countries: 0 km French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Languages: French 61.1% (official) , Polynesian 31.4% (official) , Asian languages 1.2% , other 0.3% , unspecified 6% (2002 census)
Location: Oceania , archipelagoes in the South Pacific Ocean about half way between South America and Australia French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Map references: Oceania French Southern and Antarctic Lands
National holiday: Bastille Day , 14 July (1789)
Nationality: noun: French Polynesian(s) adjective: French Polynesian
Natural hazards: occasional cyclonic storms in January French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Population: 283 ,019 (July 2008 est.) French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Religions: Protestant 54% , Roman Catholic 30% , other 10% , no religion 6%
Terrain: mixture of rugged high islands and low islands with reefs French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Unemployment rate: 11.7% (2005)

Capital of French Polynesia

Papeete (click to view Papeete Google map)

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Places in French Polynesia

Browse the online directory of Satellite City for administrative regions in French Polynesia below. Places in country French Polynesia are sorted in alphabetical order from level 1 to level 2, eventually up to level 3 administrative regions. Click on the name of the place to view it on Google map, or with satellite images.

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