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Flag of Italy Google map of Italian Republic, country facts

Welcome to the Google Map of Italy and the locations list of this country! Sightseeing in Italy with Google Satellite Map always make sense! With our destination gazetteer, on Satellite City is great to explore Italy through detailed satellite imagery - fast, free and easy as never before. Browse the list of administrative regions below of Italy and follow the navigation to find the place you are interested in. Your satellite map sightseeing in Italy starts here at Satellite City!

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Facts about Italy

Administrative divisions: 15 regions (regioni , singular - regione) and 5 autonomous regions* (regioni autonome , singular - regione autonoma); Abruzzo , Basilicata , Calabria , Campania , Emilia-Romagna , Friuli-Venezia Giulia* , Lazio (Latium) , Liguria , Lombardia , Marche , Molise , Piemonte (Piedmont) , Puglia (Apulia) , Sardegna* (Sardinia) , Sicilia* , Toscana (Tuscany) , Trentino-Alto Adige* (Trentino-South Tyrol) , Umbria , Valle d'Aosta* (Aosta Valley) , Veneto (Venetia)
Area: total: 301 ,230 sq km land: 294 ,020 sq km water: 7 ,210 sq km note: includes Sardinia and Sicily
Background: Italy became a nation-state in 1861 when the regional states of the peninsula , along with Sardinia and Sicily , were united under King Victor EMMANUEL II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito MUSSOLINI established a Fascist dictatorship. His alliance with Nazi Germany led to Italy's defeat in World War II. A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in 1946 and economic revival followed. Italy was a charter member of NATO and the European Economic Community (EEC). It has been at the forefront of European economic and political unification , joining the Economic and Monetary Union in 1999. Persistent problems include illegal immigration , organized crime , corruption , high unemployment , sluggish economic growth , and the low incomes and technical standards of southern Italy compared with the prosperous north.
Flag description: three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) , white , and red; similar to the flag of Ireland , which is longer and is green (hoist side) , white , and orange; also similar to the flag of the Cote d'Ivoire , which has the colors reversed - orange (hoist side) , white , and green; inspired by the French flag brought to Italy by Napoleon in 1797
Capital: name: Rome geographic coordinates: 41 54 N , 12 29 E time difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr , begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
Climate: predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far north; hot , dry in south
Currency code: euro (EUR)
Ethnic groups: Italian (includes small clusters of German- , French- , and Slovene-Italians in the north and Albanian-Italians and Greek-Italians in the south)
Geographic coordinates: 42 50 N , 12 50 E
Geography note: strategic location dominating central Mediterranean as well as southern sea and air approaches to Western Europe
Government type: republic
Imports partners: Germany 16.9% , France 9% , China 5.9% , Netherlands 5.5% , Belgium 4.3% , Spain 4.2% (2007)
Internet country code: .it
Land boundaries: 7 ,600 km
Neighbouring countries: total: 1 ,899.2 km border countries: Austria 430 km , France 488 km , Holy See (Vatican City) 3.2 km , San Marino 39 km , Slovenia 199 km , Switzerland 740 km
Languages: Italian (official) , German (parts of Trentino-Alto Adige region are predominantly German speaking) , French (small French-speaking minority in Valle d'Aosta region) , Slovene (Slovene-speaking minority in the Trieste-Gorizia area)
Location: Southern Europe , a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea , northeast of Tunisia
Map references: Europe
National holiday: Republic Day , 2 June (1946)
Nationality: noun: Italian(s) adjective: Italian
Natural hazards: regional risks include landslides , mudflows , avalanches , earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , flooding; land subsidence in Venice
Population: 58 ,145 ,320 (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Roman Catholic 90% (approximately; about one-third practicing) , other 10% (includes mature Protestant and Jewish communities and a growing Muslim immigrant community)
Terrain: mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains , coastal lowlands
Unemployment rate: 6.2% (2007 est.)

Capital of Italy

Roma (click to view Roma Google map)

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Places in Italy

Browse the online directory of Satellite City for administrative regions in Italy below. Places in country Italy are sorted in alphabetical order from level 1 to level 2, eventually up to level 3 administrative regions. Click on the name of the place to view it on Google map, or with satellite images.

Abruzzo (700 + I Google map locations)
Albiano city map
Albonese city map
Alpe di Dumenza city map
Angera city map
Aosta Valley (132 + I Google map locations)
Apulia (405 + I Google map locations)
Arcola city map
Arona city map
Arquata Scrivia city map
Arsago Seprio city map
Aulla city map
Avenza city map
Barbarasco city map
Basilicata (196 + I Google map locations)
Bassignana city map
Bastida de\' Dossi city map
Belgirate city map
Bellinzago Novarese city map
Bergiola Foscalina city map
Besano city map
Bolano city map
Borgo Lavezzaro city map
Borgo San Martino city map
Bozzole city map
Breme city map
Bric Castellaccio city map
Calabria (1120 + I Google map locations)
Cameriano city map
Campania (773 + I Google map locations)
Campione d\'Italia city map
Candia Lomellina city map
Cannobio city map
Caresana city map
Carignano city map
Carrara city map
Casa Biscione city map
Casale San Antonio city map
Casalino city map
Cascina Borghetto city map
Cascina Grossa city map
Casei Gerola city map
Casorate Sempione city map
Cassolnovo city map
Castellaccio city map
Castelletto sopra Ticino city map
Castelletto Soprano city map
Castelletto Sottano city map
Castelnovetto city map
Castelnuovo di Magra city map
Castelnuovo Scrivia city map
Castelpoggio city map
Ceparana city map
Cerano city map
Cerro Lago Maggiore city map
Chalpe city map
Champsil city map
Cilavegna city map
Collodari city map
Comabbio city map
Confienza city map
Corgeno city map
Cornale city map
Costamala city map
Cozzo city map
Due Cossani city map
Dumenza city map
Emilia-Romagna (1683 + I Google map locations)
Falcinello city map
Fosdinovo city map
Frassineto Po city map
Fresonara city map
Friuli-Venezia Giulia (676 + I Google map locations)
Gaby city map
Gambarana city map
Gerola Nuova city map
Ghiffa city map
Gianona city map
Gignese city map
Golasecca city map
Gorzegno city map
Gragnana city map
Granozzo con Monticello city map
Gravellona city map
Groppo city map
Guazzora city map
Il Romito city map
Isola city map
Isola Sant\'Antonio city map
Issime city map
Langosco city map
Lazio (870 + I Google map locations)
Lesa city map
Liguria (581 + I Google map locations)
Lillianes city map
Lombardy (1535 + I Google map locations)
Luino city map
Lumellogno city map
Maccagno Inferiore city map
Maccagno Superiore city map
Malnate city map
Marano Ticino city map
Marche (721 + I Google map locations)
Molise (186 + I Google map locations)
Piedmont (1175 + I Google map locations)
Sardinia (591 + I Google map locations)
Sicily (819 + I Google map locations)
Trentino-South Tyrol (608 + I Google map locations)
Tuscany (1439 + I Google map locations)
Umbria (644 + I Google map locations)
Veneto (1416 + I Google map locations)

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