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Flag of Congo, Republic of the Google map of Republic of the Congo, country facts

Welcome to the Google Map of Congo, Republic of the and the locations list of this country! Sightseeing in Congo, Republic of the with Google Satellite Map always make sense! With our destination gazetteer, on Satellite City is great to explore Congo, Republic of the through detailed satellite imagery - fast, free and easy as never before. Browse the list of administrative regions below of Congo, Republic of the and follow the navigation to find the place you are interested in. Your satellite map sightseeing in Congo, Republic of the starts here at Satellite City!

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Facts about Congo, Republic of the

Administrative divisions: 10 regions (regions , singular - region) and 1 commune*; Bouenza , Brazzaville* , Cuvette , Cuvette-Ouest , Kouilou , Lekoumou , Likouala , Niari , Plateaux , Pool , Sangha
Area: total: 342 ,000 sq km land: 341 ,500 sq km water: 500 sq km
Background: Upon independence in 1960 , the former French region of Middle Congo became the Republic of the Congo. A quarter century of experimentation with Marxism was abandoned in 1990 and a democratically elected government took office in 1992. A brief civil war in 1997 restored former Marxist President Denis SASSOU-NGUESSO , and ushered in a period of ethnic and political unrest. Southern-based rebel groups agreed to a final peace accord in March 2003 , but the calm is tenuous and refugees continue to present a humanitarian crisis. The Republic of Congo was once one of Africa's largest petroleum producers , but with declining production it will need new offshore oil finds to sustain its oil earnings over the long term.
Flag description: divided diagonally from the lower hoist side by a yellow band; the upper triangle (hoist side) is green and the lower triangle is red note: uses the popular pan-African colors of Ethiopia
Capital: name: Brazzaville geographic coordinates: 4 15 S , 15 17 E time difference: UTC+1 (six hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time)
Climate: tropical; rainy season (March to June); dry season (June to October); persistent high temperatures and humidity; particularly enervating climate astride the Equator
Currency code: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XAF); note - responsible authority is the Bank of the Central African States
Ethnic groups: Kongo 48% , Sangha 20% , M'Bochi 12% , Teke 17% , Europeans and other 3%
Geographic coordinates: 1 00 S , 15 00 E
Geography note: about 70% of the population lives in Brazzaville , Pointe-Noire , or along the railroad between them
Government type: republic
Imports partners: France 21.5% , China 14.9% , Italy 12.2% , India 5.6% , US 5% , Belgium 4.5% (2007)
Internet country code: .cg
Land boundaries: 169 km
Neighbouring countries: total: 5 ,504 km border countries: Angola 201 km , Cameroon 523 km , Central African Republic 467 km , Democratic Republic of the Congo 2 ,410 km , Gabon 1 ,903 km
Languages: French (official) , Lingala and Monokutuba (lingua franca trade languages) , many local languages and dialects (of which Kikongo is the most widespread)
Location: Western Africa , bordering the South Atlantic Ocean , between Angola and Gabon
Map references: Africa
National holiday: Independence Day , 15 August (1960)
Nationality: noun: Congolese (singular and plural) adjective: Congolese or Congo
Natural hazards: seasonal flooding
Population: 3 ,903 ,318 note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy , higher infant mortality , higher death rates , lower population growth rates , and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Christian 50% , animist 48% , Muslim 2%
Terrain: coastal plain , southern basin , central plateau , northern basin
Unemployment rate: NA%

Capital of Congo, Republic of the

Brazzaville (click to view Brazzaville Google map)

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Places in Congo, Republic of the

Browse the online directory of Satellite City for administrative regions in Congo, Republic of the below. Places in country Congo, Republic of the are sorted in alphabetical order from level 1 to level 2, eventually up to level 3 administrative regions. Click on the name of the place to view it on Google map, or with satellite images.

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Commune of Brazzaville (1 + I Google map locations)
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Kongho city map
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Korogo I city map
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Kotomitef city map
Koufoua Moukoulou city map
Kouméya city map
Kouya city map
Kouyou city map
Lébala city map
Lecouna city map
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Lékori city map
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Mbala city map
Mbama city map
Region of Bouenza (378 + I Google map locations)
Region of Cuvette (496 + I Google map locations)
Region of Cuvette-Ouest (181 + I Google map locations)
Region of Kouilou (380 + I Google map locations)
Region of Lékoumou (371 + I Google map locations)
Region of Likouala (197 + I Google map locations)
Region of Niari (627 + I Google map locations)
Region of Plateaux (670 + I Google map locations)
Region of Pool (1070 + I Google map locations)
Region of Sangha (316 + I Google map locations)

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